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“Once you’re in a relationship, you think it’s going to last forever. But in reality, it only lasts as long as you’re willing to work on it.”

Couples Counseling

Communication & Intimacy
Parenting & Codependency
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Pre-Marital Counseling

Premarital counseling provides you and your partner a safe space to dive deeper into your relationship, preparing you for marriage. Emerge Counseling Services will help you and your future spouse with healthy techniques for dealing with disagreements and building healthier communication skills.

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Divorce Counseling

Considering divorce?

Emerge Counseling Services will help you and your partner recognize and resolve conflict. We’ll help you develop tools to make intentional decisions whether you decide to remain with your partner or proceed with

your divorce.

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Affair Recovery/

Infidelity Counseling

Affair recovery or infidelity counseling helps you navigate through the pain and betrayal you’re currently dealing with in your relationship. The recovery process will include walking you through gaining clarity on your next steps and rebuilding trust.


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