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About Emerge Counseling Services

Meet Our Team

“Purpose Driven Counselor”? Absolutely! Counseling is my passion and my purpose. As a therapist and former school counselor, I possess extensive experience in servicing women, parents, adolescents, at-risk youth, as well as implementing and facilitating mentor programs for young ladies. As a mother of all girls, I am well aware of how critical it is to instill confidence and encourage women to develop self-love. I have personally navigated the challenges of a blended family, co-parenting, and feeling as if you're in it alone. Like you, I thought parenting would have been so much easier if our children entered the world with an instruction manual! However, I am happy to say that solutions and happy endings are possible. 


As a woman, parent, and advocate, I am extremely compassionate and empathetic of the challenges faced by women and parents. My journey and unwavering compassion has given me the sincere joy of dedicating myself to empowering and helping both women and parents. Our journey will assist with enhancing and building healthy relationships- with self and others, family structure, balance, self-love, confidence, overcoming various challenges, pursuing new heights, and more. While I am proud of my academic achievements and the wealth of knowledge I have obtained, it is the countless interactions with my clients, students, mentees, and parents that have shaped me into an impassioned clinician.

Your journey towards EMERGING can begin with a single step!


Taliah Laneice, LPC

Founder/Lead Therapist

Women's Therapist, Parenting &
Relationship Counselor

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